• 8 Ways To Get Organized For Fall

  • Home organization takes on a whole new importance this time of year.  As the weather turns colder we remember that we will soon be spending most of our time indoors.  And an organized home is crucial to making that a positive experience.

    Before you make a full retreat there are things to take care of outside of your home.  Getting your garage organized will pay dividends when the snow starts to fall and you open the door looking for the right equipment.  Preparing your garden beds now will make the spring a happier more productive time also.

    Organizing Outdoors

    Clean up your garden beds.  Perennials are great plants for your garden since they will return each year.  In the fall when your plants are done for the season pick an afternoon to go out and prune them back.

    Put away your lawn equipment and other summer equipment.  Hang up your bikes and stow your lawnmower to the back of the garage.  Put them away clean.  Wipe down the equipment you are storing for the season.  If it is appropriate bring them out on to the driveway to hose them down.

    Clean out your garage.  While you are rearranging your garage you may find most of your equipment standing in the driveway.  Take advantage of this and sweep the floor and take a broom to your walls to brush out any cobwebs.

    While you’re in the driveway open up your car door.  Do a quick sweep through your glove box.  We tend to keep jamming things in and never clear anything out.  Shred or recycle anything out of date in your glove box.  Then check your emergency supplies.  Do you have a small flashlight with functioning batteries?

     Home Organization Starts in the Entry

    Do you have mail piling up?  Remove yourself from any mailing lists you no longer wish to be on.  Do the same for your email.

    It’s getting to be the time of year cold feet become a problem!  Keep your guests’ toes warm and cozy, put a basket of simple slippers by your door.  It is a nice way of reminding guests to take off their wet grimy boots and shoes.

    Fall means the kids are going back to school.  This is a serious challenge to an organized home.  Save a place for kid’s backpacks, sports stuff, instruments and other things that they regularly take back and forth to school.

    If you aren’t blessed with a mudroom or large entry area make room for a shelf or hooks in your garage for your kids’ coats, boots, and bags.

    Your Closets

    This is the best time to clean out your closets.  You are switching your summer wardrobe out for your fall and winter clothes.  If you are pulling out summer clothes you have not worn all season now may be the time to donate them or take them to a consignment store.

    If you need help creating a home or garage organization system that works for you, feel free to contact Closet Concepts Inc and we will be happy to help.