• Adding Value Without Adding Debt

  • Warmer weather means the beginning of the home-selling season has started.  There are several ways to make your house stand out in a crowd of newly listed options.  Large, expensive renovations such as refinishing a basement, adding a fence or deck, replacing windows or siding, and upgrading kitchen appliances or countertops are all sure-fire ways to add value to your home.  But not everyone has the time or money to invest in those undertakings.  If you did, it would likely have happened while you were still planning on living in the house!

    There are a few smaller, budget-friendly ways to please potential buyers without breaking the bank.  A fresh coat of neutral paint is probably the cheapest and easiest fix since it can be done by you in a matter of a weekend for the minimal price of a gallon or two of paint.

    Landscaping takes slightly more time and money.  Adding some welcoming flowers and fixing problems in your yard may cost you anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks’ worth of manual labor, but the visual appeal it adds to your house is priceless.

    Last, and possibly most important, is increasing the efficiency of the home.  Closets, pantries and garages that provide multiple organizational options is at the top of the list for most buyers!  They want a place to store their stuff that is both attractive and functional.  And they want it move-in ready.  No one wants to move into a home and have nowhere to unpack and store their belongings or to have to wait to get the perfect system installed.

    So if you’re selling a home, we can help you add value without adding to your debt.  And if you’re buying a home, we can usually have your upgrade completed in just a day or two allowing you to settle in as soon as possible.  Contact us for a quote to see how we can help!