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  • Types of Closets

    Different people have different tastes, different rooms have different capacities and design concepts. So how do closets fit into your living space? What is your favorite type of a closet, do you like to have more space dedicated for this purpose, or do you prefer your clothes, accessories and knick-knacks stored in a smaller, inconspicuous space? Whether a walk-in; reach-in, armoire or any [...]

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    How To Organize Your Desk Drawers

    Are you drawers full of pens, paperclips, hand sanitizers, and loose papers? When finally unjam them enough to get open do you find crumpled up papers, notes, and receipts? Then it is time for you to organize desk drawers. You may have one junk drawer to tackle or a stack of desk drawers, either way you can make yourself more productive by tackling the project today. Empty Out Your Drawers: [...]

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