• Kitchen Organization

  • Do you need more storage space in your kitchen or pantry?

    Even if you've got a large kitchen or pantry your probably still wishing you had a place to put that Chef'n Strawberry Slicester Hand-Held Strawberry Slicer you bought off your favorite app. A functional pantry is key to having a functional kitchen.  When your pantry is a glowing example of home organization you will spend less money on wasted food and less time on putting together grocery [...]

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    Adding Value Without Adding Debt

    Warmer weather means the beginning of the home-selling season has started.  There are several ways to make your house stand out in a crowd of newly listed options.  Large, expensive renovations such as refinishing a basement, adding a fence or deck, replacing windows or siding, and upgrading kitchen appliances or countertops are all sure-fire ways to add value to your home.  But not everyone [...]

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