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  • Organize The Laundry Room

    If you must spend a fair amount of time tending to clothes, your laundry space will be much more enjoyable if it’s neat and organized.Laundry rooms seldom receive the attention they deserve — which is odd when you consider how often they're used. Our laundry rooms, with baskets, cabinets, islands and hang rods will make laundry day more appealing.The old saying “A place for [...]

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    Is the Laundry Room Your Middle Child?

    When it comes to household attention, the laundry room is the middle child. The kitchen and living room are the first to get new designs, but the laundry room remains skipped over year after year. Ironically, the laundry room is where the most time is spent on a daily basis than any other room. Think about how many times you go back and forth into that room daily. Picture this, roomy bins with [...]

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    Organize the Laundry Room to Save Time, Effort and Money

    It seems that the Laundry Room is one of the most neglected rooms in the house when it comes to organization.   Many of us just shut the door to the mounds of laundry and misplaced items and walk away.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?! If your family is like most, you spend a lot of time on laundry each week.  This, of course, requires you to spend quite a bit of time in your actual [...]

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