• Child Safety at Halloween – Which Colors Are Safe To Wear?

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    As we all know, Halloween is filled with outdoor activity. Young children are walking from door to door hollering “Trick-Or-Treat”. In gated communities, this is a safer practice, since sidewalks and lighted streets are quite common. However, you may live out in a more country-like setting where sidewalks are rare and streetlights are few and far between.

    If you decide to take your child trick-or-treating this Halloween where sidewalks are non-existent and streetlights are only found at the corner, make sure to dress them in colors appropriate for the dusk hours.

    White — This is the safest color when going out in the evening hours. When headlights hit the bright white of a t-shirt or pair of shorts, the drivers will have no doubt that there is someone walking alongside the road. Whole costumes of white are best: a Ghost, a Bride in a Wedding Dress, or a Ballerina in a White Tutu are just some ideas.

    Yellow — Bright yellows are similar to white, as they show up well when hit by headlights. Dull yellows are not as effective. There are some costumes that are predominantly yellow: A Sun costume, Sponge Bob Squarepants, Belle and a Bumblebee with thin black stripes are examples.
    Light blues, pinks and oranges — Once you move away from white, any of the “baby” colors, like powder blue, are okay for dusk hours. Many costumes fall into these color categories: The Disney Princesses Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty have dresses in these colors and Blue from Blue’s Clues is a light hue of blue.

    Batman with his black costume and cape, black cats and witches, and even Superman in his dark blue and red will be hard to see once the skies begin to darken. Be sure to use reflective tape on several areas of your child’s costume as well as their trick-or-treat bag. This will keep them safeFree Web Content, and that will lead to them having fun!