• A Custom Entertainment Center That’s Super Bowl Worthy

  • Although our beloved Colts had a less-than-stellar season, that doesn’t mean Hoosiers will forego the traditional wings and party atmosphere during Super Bowl weekend. With this chilly winter weather, some NFL fans will prefer to host the BIG party than to head out in the winter chill. For those staying in and hosting, a custom entertainment center that’s super bowl worthy is a must!

    At Closet Concepts, we realize Hoosiers embrace a fast-paced, need-for-convenience lifestyle in their sometimes chaotic days. Even the date of the 2017 Super Bowl has snuck up on us with a hearty “Surprise!”

    As a family-owned Hoosier proud business, we do things just a little different than the big chains. Clients get a personal consultation each and every time, and it is with an owner!

    “No way!,” you exclaim.

    “Way!,” we calmly reply.

    Moreover, we know time is of the essence, you can always count on our team to be prompt, organized, quick and efficient.

    Not only are we know far and wide for our custom designed and organized closets, but bring to life elegant entertainment center solutions perfect for the way you live and entertain. Each entertainment center has creative input from our clients, so they are personally detailed to your specific needs, or if you’d rather, the creativity can be left up to us.

    Think drawers to keep snacks close when watching intense movies or nail-biter sports games. Need a favorite beverage close? Swing open the side panel of your entertainment center, and grab a cold one. Want to keep the kiddos toys and games out of sight when company is over? We can make it happen. Have high-end AV equipment that you’d like all the cords neat and tidy? We can help.

    We believe an entertainment center should be just that…entertainment. It should be at the center of your gatherings and make your house THE HOUSE everyone flocks to because of your gorgeous accessible entertaining space. Additionally, it should be a place of personal joy and relaxation. Just think, after a long day’s work, what would be better than sitting down in your comfy chair, reaching for your special snacks and a beverage without interruption?

    Let Closet Concept make that dream a reality. Give us a call today.