• Factors to Consider In Customized Closet Design

  • Customized closet designers usually have showrooms showing various closet designs. They help walk in customer decide. However, it is advisable that before placing your order, you have considered and have made preliminary decisions regarding the following features of your customized closet.

    Measure the area where you want to place the closet. It would maximize the storage volume if the closet is designed to reach the ceiling.

    Do some research and think of the most suitable closet material based in the following:
    • Strength or Durability of the Material – The material should last until you renovate the walls or ceiling of the room.
    • Surface Texture, Design – The exterior materials should match the appearance, activities and location of the room where the closet will be installed. For instance, different materials would be appropriate for closets in a bedroom than in a laundry room.
    • Items to be Stored – This applies more to the shelving materials. They should be appropriate for items to be stored.

    The closet’s organizational design will depend mainly on its purpose and your personal habits as the user.
    Make an inventory of the various items you plan to store in a particular closet. Are they big or small items? Should they be easily accessible or you seldom get them out of the closet?

    This will make it easier to locate items in your closet. The location can be discussed after you have decided on the closet shelving design. LEDs and other bulbs that don’t generate heat are preferred for closet lighting.

    Do you need one? Then, include a mirror in your list of “must have” features.

    Knobs and Handles
    Try various types and determine which ones are convenient for you.

    Custom closets are designed for your specific storage needs; that’s why they cost more than ready-made or stock closets. However there is a wide range of materials and accessories you can choose from so that the final cost is affordable to you.
    Final Closet Design and Creation
    So, you have determined the basic requirements of your closet. It’s time to look for a company that will make the final design and create the best storage space for you.
    Closet Concepts , a family owned and operated company can help turn closet idea into reality. We have been professionally designing and installing storage solutions since 1987.
    Your storage space will be designed, created and installed by experienced Closet Concepts employees, not subcontractors.  You get 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.