• Homeowners

  • We offer some tips to help you get started organizing your life.  Read our “tips to conquer the clutter” to get you on your way.  We are more than happy to install our systems in your home to help you get a handle on the “clutter”. 

     Tips for Conquering the Clutter

    In today’s busy households, if you are not careful, clutter can take over your life.  Once that happens, it can be an overwhelming task to get it back under control.  If you are considering adding closet organization systems, you are taking a great first step to de-cluttering your home.    Here are a few more ideas to help you clean-up your life.

    1. Pick a room to start and tackle it all before you move on.

    2. Make 4 areas: keep, sell, throw and donate.  Stick to it.

    3. Use containers, bins, boxes, etc to keep organized.  Label the containers.

    4. Go through your mail every day.  Throw what needs to be thrown and file the rest.  Have a specific place for bills that need to be paid.

    5. Throw out catalogs.  Either keep a list of their websites or just keep the front cover.

    6. Develop a filing system.  Get papers off your desk/counters.

    7. Keep clothes off the floor.  Maximize your closet space.  (Use Closet Concepts!).  If it is dirty, wash it.  If it is clean, put it away.

    8. Don’t buy something just because it is on sale.  Make sure you really want it.

    9. Remember the one in, one out rule.  If you buy something new, get rid of something old.  If you haven’t worn it in 12 months, chances are you won’t.

    10. Don’t forget the garage.  Closet Concepts specializes in garage systems as well as closet systems.   Being able to park your car in an organized garage, can set the tone for an organized home.

    11. Lockers are a great way to help keep your kids stuff under control.  It is a perfect landing spot for coats, shoes, backpacks, hats, gloves and even homework papers.