• How to Make Your Office Work FOR You Instead of Against You

  • It’s tax season.  Were you able to find all of the papers and documents you needed easily or are you still trying to locate everything because your office is an organizational black hole?  It’s easy to let important paperwork pile up because we’re inundated with so much of it on a daily basis!  Above all else, your home office should be efficient and organized.

    According to Jo Heinz, president of Dallas interior architecture and design firm Staffelbach, there are 5 common mistakes people make when setting up a home office.

    1. Thinking you can “tune out” the plasma screen on the wall. Don’t hang it anywhere near where you’ll be working.
    2. Inadequate storage components
    3. Lack of space for reference materials
    4. Slow and inefficient equipment
    5. Inadequate wire management (cords and wire spaghetti everywhere)

    While we can’t help with the plasma TV or slow equipment, we most certainly have options for adequate storage, space for reference materials, and wire management.   Some of our organizational office features include standard and legal sized drawers, upper cabinets, keyboard trays, and cable grommets.  We can provide all the basic tools to give your space a good flow.  Actually filing those papers that pile up will be up to you though!

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