• Is the Laundry Room Your Middle Child?

  • When it comes to household attention, the laundry room is the middle child. The kitchen and living room are the first to get new designs, but the laundry room remains skipped over year after year. Ironically, the laundry room is where the most time is spent on a daily basis than any other room. Think about how many times you go back and forth into that room daily.

    Picture this, roomy bins with handles that fit into a shelving unit, hiding your husband’s boxers, your teenager’s stinky socks, and your bra with the strap safety-pinned to the back. That in itself, is worth calling Closet Concepts, right?



    We can redesign your laundry room, with baskets, cabinets, islands and hanging rods that will make laundry day much more appealing. Your laundry room might just become your new oasis!

    If you have an idea how you want your dream laundry room to look, our designers will work with you as part of the team to make it happen. If you have no clue what needs to happen in that forsaken room, but you know it needs special attention, our designers can do it all for you.

    Our family-run business is known far and wide for our all-star customer service, and our goal is always to work efficiently and make your life easier. We all can agree that an organized home is much easier to maintain than a cluttered one. Let Closet Concepts help you manage your time and organize your life; even in the mundane laundry room.