• More Clothes Than Room?

  • We all know the feeling: You have too many clothes to even fit in your closet, yet you never have anything to wear. And as paradoxical as it seems, it actually makes sense — when your closet is crowded with things that no longer fit your size or taste, the extra clutter can keep you from making the most of the clothing you do wear and enjoy. If your closet houses your high school homecoming dress and 10 variations of white T-shirts — but only one or two work-appropriate dresses — it might be time to give your wardrobe a major cleaning.

    Organizing your closet and finally parting with your fashion past can be challenging, even when it comes to clothing that you don’t wear or like. But before you start panicking about the task ahead of you, Call Closet Concepts to see how we can give you the space you need.