• Organize the Laundry Room to Save Time, Effort and Money

  • It seems that the Laundry Room is one of the most neglected rooms in the house when it comes to organization.   Many of us just shut the door to the mounds of laundry and misplaced items and walk away.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?!

    If your family is like most, you spend a lot of time on laundry each week.  This, of course, requires you to spend quite a bit of time in your actual laundry room.   If you must spend a fair amount of time tending to clothes, your laundry space will be much more enjoyable if it’s neat and organized.

    Need more convincing?  Here are 4 reasons why an organized laundry room is the way to go.

    Being organized saves you time

    Your efficiency will greatly increase if you know where all of your most-needed laundry tools are located.  For example, group all of your laundry detergents together as well as all of your stain removal products together.  Store them with the labels facing outward so you can easily see the product.  Save yourself precious minutes by storing your most needed items in the same way every time they are used.

    The old saying “A place for everything and everything in its place” can save you valuable minutes in the laundry room every day.

    Being organized will make your most-used items easily accessible

    If you have available shelving, buy small baskets and organize the items you use most often.  Group similar items together, and situate the baskets so they are within easy reach.

    If you have little ones, you probably use your favorite stain remover and an old toothbrush a couple of times a week.  Make sure those two items are stored together in the same area, since one isn’t as effective without the other.  If you use a mesh laundry bag, return it to its correct basket when not in use so you’ll know where to find it the next time you wash your delicates.

    If you know where your most-used items are stored, and that storage is easily accessible, you’ll be much less frustrated in your laundry room.  You’ll find that you even use them more often since they are so easy to get to and actually use.

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    Written by Lauren Hill http://www.aboutone.com/organize-laundry-room-save-time-effort-money/