• Refresh Your Tiny Old Houses Closets

  • When you watch all those fun TLC and HGTV shows that redesign rooms from bland to grand, do you sometimes get annoyed because your house, especially your closets, are way smaller than the giant spaces they just redesigned to fabulous? Closet Concepts has a solution! We have the organizational tools to revamp even the smallest of cubbies, so you can open that dreaded door with a smile. The hardest part of the entire process will be cleaning out the items that you have clogged, uh’m we mean stored, in that closet. After the items have been removed, Closet Concepts will design and organize that tiny space to organizational bliss.

    In previous generations, especially if the home was built around the time of the Depression Era, people’s priorities were not clothes and shoes. If they did have somewhere to go and someone to impress, they would make-do with what they already had. Therefore, closet space was not a priority. Also in these older homes, homeowners didn’t typically acquire the toys, games, electronics or other items modern families collect. Many people choose the older homes in which to reside because of their creative design and gorgeous architectural features, but when it comes to closet space, that same homeowner is forced to be creative to maximize the little closet space he or she has. You won’t believe what Closet Concepts can do with what seems like a super small closet space!

    Kitchen Closets and Cubbies

    Another creative idea for small kitchen closets in an older house is to change the entire concept of the small closet into a trendy locker. Stick with us for a moment since your mind went directly to your clunky locker from high school. This locker can distress your life and leave your kitchen counters clean. The counter is a place where most people lay their keys, mail and pocket change, leaving an eye-sore in the kitchen. A small kitchen closet can be changed to a locker storing keys, coats, hooks, shelves for shoes, umbrellas and mail. No longer will your kitchen be cluttered nor your keys lost. The best part of all is that when visitors surprise you, you can simply close the door.

    Closet Concept Organizational Magic

    There are so many wonderful organizational options for all types of dwellings. Let the Closet Concepts team work a bit of magic on your smallest closet, and you’ll no longer have to envy those design shows. You’ll have your own closet with wow factor to show off to all your friends.