• Storage Solutions for the Holidays

  • Wow 2016 is going fast! It’s amazing that the holidays are already upon us. Are you already in holiday planning mode? Are you afraid for guests to see your storage areas? See why your closets and cabinets should be front of mind. Moreover, see why clients across Indiana trust our team to custom design storage solutions in their homes.

    Holiday Storage Solutions

    Having an organization system to keep yourself stress free during the holidays can be a lifesaver. By keeping everything in its place and neatly organized, you can keep your home clutter free and guest ready.

    The top areas that our customers tackle in order to be holiday ready are:

    • Linen Closets – Having extra linens, towels and toiletries on hand for guests and visitors is so important during the holidays.
    • Pantries – Think about how convenient it would be to have dedicated space to accommodate bulk foods, napkins, table cloths, extra silverware, serving platters, crockpots and supplies.
    • Garages – Snow blowers, shovels, boots, holiday decorations, sport equipment and kid gear oh my. There is hardly room to even park in the garage for lots of families.
    • Gift Closets – Do you love to stash gifts away throughout the year? It can be oh so convenient and save you in the long run, but sometimes finding space to organize and store those gifts can be a challenge.
    • Kids Spaces – Does your play area look like an explosion of toys?
    • Laundry Rooms – Is your current space an eyesore? Making it more appealing before guests arrive can be oh so simple.

    Don’t get stressed thinking about your storage spaces and the fast approaching holidays. Call Closet Concepts. We listen to your storage space needs and concerns, offer solutions and install in no time flat. There is still time to have your perfect linen closet, pantry, garage, gift closet, kid space or laundry room before the holidays hit. Call us today.