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  • Epoxy vs V-8 High Performance Floors

    When it comes to choosing a flooring option, it can be difficult to decide between V-8 Hybrid Floor Coatings and Epoxy Floor Coating. Both V-8 Hybrid Floors and Epoxy are great for commercial, industrial, and residential flooring applications. Epoxy floor coating is produced when specific chemical hardens and resins are combined. The strength is likened to super hard plastics. Epoxy floor [...]

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    Spring is here!  How messy is your garage?

    Garages are a neglected and messy area that usually ends up as the final resting place for most household item that don’t have a home. A garage storage system from Closet Concepts Inc will make every inch count. With our garage storage systems you will easily be able to store all kinds of tools, bikes, garden equipment and have shelves and bins for smaller stuff. The wall space in your garage [...]

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