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  • Epoxy vs V-8 High Performance Floors

    When it comes to choosing a flooring option, it can be difficult to decide between V-8 Hybrid Floor Coatings and Epoxy Floor Coating. Both V-8 Hybrid Floors and Epoxy are great for commercial, industrial, and residential flooring applications. Epoxy floor coating is produced when specific chemical hardens and resins are combined. Epoxy floor coating is able to resist heat, acids, salts and other [...]

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    Garage Storages - The Path To Organization

    If things have gotten to the point where you park your car in the driveway out of necessity, it may be time to consider garage storages solutions that can give you back some space.One of the best things you can do to create space is using shelving, hooks, and holders that stay off the floor. As long as they make full use of the wall, you will be able to clear a surprising amount of space on the [...]

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    The Benefits of Garage Storage Systems

    Have your ever seen that show "Hoarders"? Does that remind you of your garage? If so, you may need some help in making the best use of your garage space. Whether you use your garage to park your car or just for extra storage, you can benefit from the new garage storage systems that are available from Closet Concepts Inc. The garage is generally the most under-utilized space in the home. [...]

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