• Types of Closets

  • Different people have different tastes, different rooms have different capacities and design concepts. So how do closets fit into your living space?

    What is your favorite type of a closet, do you like to have more space dedicated for this purpose, or do you prefer your clothes, accessories and knick-knacks stored in a smaller, inconspicuous space? Whether a walk-in; reach-in, armoire or any other kind of a closet, you should know all the pros and cons of each style before you make your perfect choice! To that end, we’ve taken the top 3 closet styles and decided to get you more familiar with them, helping you choose your favorite closet style!

    Reach-in Closets

    Probably the most common style would be the reach-in closet, which is a combination of high functionality and design aesthetics. This space-saving option can include different variations of drawers, shelves, hanging rods, inserts and other options designed to fit in as many things, while still being organized and accessible. Despite their deceiving size and appearance, these small but potent spaces can store quite a lot inside. With some clever positioning and custom solutions, you can take advantage of corners and really gain the maximum potential from even the smallest spaces. Browse through all of your clothes, items and accessories which are just at the reach of your hand, once you’re finished, pull the sliding or regular doors back, and you’re done.

    Walk-in Closets

    Often considered as the “dream closet”,  the walk-in closet is quite popular and obviously a top tier choice. Basically, it is a room on its own, but completely dedicated to storing your things. With this option you needn’t worry about saving space and stuffing things on top of each other, nor cramming them all together to fit. Depending on the type of wood, size, detail and other factors, the costs of these storage heavens vary, but what you get for the money is a space designed to fit your needs and with style. You won’t have to dig through a pile of clothes, or search for your favorite piece, if utilized properly, the walk-in closet should allow you to get a full view of everything you need. It is a highly flexible choice which can be used for countless different options, following numerous available additions, upgrades and customizations.


    A functional and attractive storage space that also acts as a piece of stylish furniture, armoires and wardrobes can be a great choice both practically and aesthetically. From regular shelves to pull-out shelves, baskets, poles, different-sized compartments, drawers and more, armoires and wardrobes are still the most common type of closets usually found in bedrooms. It is their utter practicality and various storage solutions that make them the most common addition in almost any household. With so many different options out there, you are certain to find one fit for your budget, living space and storage needs. As these pieces of furniture generally don’t reach all the way to the ceiling, their top can also be utilized, and the insides are often adapted to hold a TV, or just act as a centerpiece of your room even.

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